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▪︎ No GMO’s- organic farming includes the utilization of organic materials, keeping away from manufactured substances to keep up soil fruitfulness and natural equilibrium along these lines limiting contamination and wastage.

▪︎ Not toxic: person not eating organic is exposed to between 6-12 pesticides, it benefits us to live toxic-free.

▪︎ Brain and body growth booster: pesticide produced food can increase the risk of cancer, it reduces fertility, and may adversely effect our nervous system. So naturally, consumption of organic food is safe as no chemicals and pesticides are used in organic farming

▪︎ Antioxidants: organically farmed plant will produce more of its own compounds, called antioxidants, to fight damage. And when consumed by humans, these antioxidants also protect our bodies from harm.

▪︎ Taste better: At the point when a plant develops naturally without pesticides its taste is improved too. Studies considered in the British journal of nutrition show that higher cell reinforcement levels influence food’s organoleptic characteristics—taste, smell, and mouthfeel.

▪︎ Nourished nature: Organic farming protects soil quality using organic material and encouraging biological activity as well as care for the larger environment and conserves natural habitats and wildlife


Ashish JoshiCustomer

"V Organics have the best organic products, I have used their spices and pulses and they are very healthy."

Bhavesh VyasCustomer

"I have been using the organic products of v organics for more than a year now and I am very satisfied with all their products."

Daljeet SinghCustomer

"From organic ghee to the organic sweeteners, my kitchen has all the organic products of v organics."

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