Health Benefits of Organic Wheat Flour

Whole grains are no new concept. It was from the beginning that humans used to eat whole grains/ food. Later on, the concept of refining, processing came out, and now it’s a common practice. And this method has deteriorated the nutrient values and the health properties present in them.  

V Organics is one of the few stores in India that has started selling the healthiest organic foods in Jaipur. They believe in keeping nature safe, clean and sustainable for the coming generation.  


What is organic wheat flour?

Organic wheat flour is derived from the wheat that is grown organically in the lap of nature. The wheat grains do not go under any kind of processing and refining, thus making them completely safe to consume by anyone and everyone. Whole wheat flour is meant and considered to be healthier than the regular one. Organic wheat flour contains in it the right amount of protein, fibre, and plenty of vitamins and minerals. 

Some common varieties of wheat flour that are maybe unknown to some are as follows:

  • Hard red winter
  • Soft red winter 
  • Hard red spring
  • Soft white
  • Hard wrote
  • Durum 

Without wasting you a single second let me start with seven Health Benefits Of Organic Wheat Flour.

  1. Super strong bones forever! 

Healthy limbs are a myth these days! Gone are the days when even the oldest family member had the most substantial limb and bone health. Nowadays, even the kids are in danger of weak bones. I have come across many parents worried about kids having backaches, limb pains, and weak bones at a certain young age. And that is so not healthy. Studies have suggested that organic wheat flour increases your bone strength intentionally. 

  1. Say hello to high metabolism. 

Lesser the metabolism, the higher the chance of getting ill and gaining weight. Eating organic wheat flour increases your metabolism by 30% more. Isn’t that great news? 

  1. Super Brain Health

If you ask me about the health benefits of organic food, I can go all day long talking about it. Let me just highlight the fact that organic wheat flour increases better mental health and boosts healthy brain functioning. That is just so fascinating! 

  1. Vanish Heart Attacks

Not to scare you or something but heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. It is said that all junk food consumption has made humans go weaker day by day. Adding a little organic food can do wonders for you.  

  1. Shun Obesity! 

Be it children or adults, and obesity is increasing day by day. So it is becoming very crucial for everyone to start taking care of the food they eat. For example, instead of eating wheat chapatis, switch to organic wheat flour rotis. The right amount of good fat and protein in it helps you maintain weight and not gain more. 

  1. Fight diabetes more easily.

A recent study says that refined grains increase the chances of diabetes type 2, while whole wheat can help you fight it. It is mainly because of the high fibre that the whole feat has in it. It helps in preventing obesity, weight gain and thus reduce the risk of any other ailment. 

  1. Happy and Fast Digestion 

The best part of eating whole grains is that it quickly digests. While the regular one takes hours or days and gets stored in extra fat, organic food items digest really rapidly and increase your metabolism.

Where can you get organic wheat flour? 

Now that you have read all the super health benefits of organic wheat flour, what stops you from switching to it? And if you are still wondering where you can buy organic food, then you are in the right place. V Organics is one such organic food online store that is not growing and selling organic food items for ten years. 

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